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Working Virtually: Transforming the Mobile Workplace


About GroupONE Solutions and Trina Hoefling 

We are a practical business-building resource for business owners, executives, and emerging leaders. We build organizations by developing executives and teams. Through coaching and shadow consulting, Trina facilitates the real job of business growth and the impact on the organization. She helps you identify and work the right issues, which can be simpler, less expensive, and more subtle than a symptom might suggest.

What you can expect:
To do good work and leave you better for having worked with us
Truth, competence, and compassion
Confidentiality, integrity, and no judgment 
To follow through, including implementation assistance referrals,

     if that is what's desired
To be there with and for you, and to leave when it is time.

Professional Coaching Services

Trina is a seasoned coach dedicated to helping build professional and organizational competency in a mobile and relationship-driven workplace. 
Her professional history says much about her expertise; she goes deep and wide as her Linked In profile shows. She will approach your needs from a holistic organization perspective and your individual goals. Working with Trina quickly leads to focused action for your success. Trust is core to all we do.

If you are an executive or entrepreneurs, a professional service provider, or a growing leader that wants strategic and practical guidance, contact us for a complimentary 20-minute consultation with Trina to explore the fit. 
All coaching is virtual by telephone and web conference, available as needed ($225 per session) or schedule coaching blocks of 6 sessions or quarterly retainer to receive a 20% savings).

Are you a consultant?

Build Trina's shadow consulting and coaching into your proposal to ensure your solutions are systemic and sound.

An internal support professional, leader, or change champion?

Budget for Trina's wisdom as an on-call resource and be your professional best.

A growing professional that wants integrate professional and organization success? 

Trust Trina to be your guide on the side.